The tropical flavor of pineapple in your carbonated normal water, with no a single calorie!

Finally a fresh new alternative to all the syrupy drinks inside the shops these days. With Aromhuset’s new Pineapple it is possible to flavour your carbonated normal water with an essence that’s completely free from each sugar and artificial sweeteners, but is still packed with flavour. Decide yourself how very much flavour you need, as well as the essence works equally well with off the shelf carbonated water as it does with drinking water carbonated at house.

The flavor of pineapple is fresh, sweet and refreshing. It might be applied for everything from drinks to cooking, even if very best by itself. Gert Strand AB has around 20 essences for carbonated drinking water, including Pineapple, which is expected to become extremely popular amongst each adults and kids.

Carbonated h2o is extremely well-liked and becoming far more so with each and every year. Today we purchase an incredible amount, and despite sales of naturally carbonated drinking water being exceptional, sales of flavoured carbonated drinking water are even far better. The desire for flavoured carbonated water is a relatively Swedish phenomenon, but would likely have had the same impact had it been introduced overseas. Nowadays it’s achievable to find carbonated normal water with a twist of lemon in most countries.

Inside selection of flavoured carbonated waters to be discovered within the shops there can be a reasonably very good selection of flavours, but typically the taste is very weak. Aside from this it truly is really expensive compared with normal tap normal water, and quite heavy to carry home from the store. A great deal of folks consequently select to carbonate their own h2o having a Sodastream or Wassermaxx. This route allows the use of inexpensive (but equally healthy) tap h2o and avoids the require to carry heavy, clumsy bottles residence from the shops.

With Aromhuset’s essences you are able to flavour your own drinking water, regardless of whether it’s shop-bought or home-carbonated. The results will be equally flavoursome, fresh drinking water with exactly the flavor and strength you like. All Aromhuset’s flavours might be combined with each other in differing quantities to create the exact flavor you want. Thomas Ström – salesman for Aromhuset’s goods – recommends 2ml of essence per litre of drinking water, but emphasises that this is only a recommendation. You choose yourself specifically how significantly or how tiny flavour you would like, and apply the doses swiftly and basically utilizing either the cap of the essence bottle itself or the unique pipette.

One more advantage of flavouring your mineral normal water with Aromhuset’s essences is the avoidance of unnecessary sugar and chemical sweeteners. All of the essences from Aromhuset are free from each sugar and artificial sweeteners, meaning you get a fruity flavor with out the syrupy sensation. It is possible to also drink flavoured mineral water with out worrying about your figure, general health or children’s teeth.

Among the different flavours on provide apart from Pineapple are classic fruits for instance Apple, Lemon and Pear; children’s favourites including Toffee, Melon and Strawberry; mature flavours like Absinthe and Pomegranate; and Swedish favourites like Blueberry and Elderflower. It is possible to even experiment a tiny and use the flavours in other things, for instance a cap of Aromhuset’s Pineapple in cream to make certain the success of that exotic summer gateau.