You can eat your rum too in the form of tortuga rum cake

If you thought that you could only drink your rum straight or in the form of delicious cocktails then you should understand that you can eat your rum too in the form of tortuga rum cake. These delectable cakes are available in various flavors and are not only fun to eat but also make for excellent gifts to be given to loved ones that have a soft corner for rum and cakes.

This scrumptious rum cake is the creation of Robert and Carlene Hamaty, founders of the Tortuga Rum Company Ltd, operating in the Cayman Islands. Their rum recipe used in their delicious cakes is a secret except for the fact that only the best Jamaican rum is used to infuse and moisten their cakes in order to make them release their juicy contents right in your mouth with the very first bite. Since the company also produces some of the best rums and liqueurs flowing within and out of the Cayman Islands, their expertise has managed to turn their cake into an instant hit all across the globe.

Even though the tortuga rum cake started out as a small business venture, its popularity turned it into an excellent must-have for tourists visiting the island and its growing popularity has happily compelled the Hamatys to start an online venture where they offer their cakes over the internet too. If you are able to visit the Cayman Islands then you should certainly include a trip to the Tortuga Rum Company to actually view how these rum-infused cakes are created but if you cannot visit the island then you can certainly order for these delicious cakes over the internet and get them delivered right at your home.

You can choose from several delicious flavors of tortuga rum cakes for yourself or for your loved ones. Notable among them are Original, Chocolate, Banana, Rum Cream Coffee, Pineapple, Key Lime, Coconut, Cinnamon Raisin, and a juicy few more. In addition, the company also offers mouth-watering rum-based fudges and truffles to pleasure your taste buds and provide a light buzz at the same time. Tortuga also has several other products devoid of any rum that also make for excellent gifts. However, it is their cakes that will surely have you drooling for more with the very first bite.

The company also offers several recipes from their website as well as CDs that can help you make a few delicious dishes right at home. However, you can be sure that any party that you organize at your home will be an instant hit when your eager guests bite into their rum-infused cake and get a pleasant surprise that will compel them to keep on eating these baked works of art. In addition, you can also prepare several rum drinks from various recipes including mojito recipes to complement those rum cakes and to enhance the rum theme of your party. These rum cakes can also be consumed when you hold a glass of the best rum chosen from various brands of rum such as el dorado rum, pyrat rum, old monk rum, myers rum, don q rum, and a select few.

Rum is wonderful and heady liquor that can be infused in various liquid and solid recipes too. That is exactly what the Hamatys of Cayman Islands did when they came up with their award-winning tortuga rum cake that will truly surprise your palate with the very first bite.