Free advice – stay away from Kayako

Kayako Alerting

The one thing I have learned throughout the years is to steer clear of bad companies. That is companies which treat you unfair or badly or is just simple bad at what they do. Kayako Warning.

Some times this is not possible just as with bank or post because there is no better choice. But when it is – run. Never use them again.

One company I actually have left and newer will use again i Kayako. Kayako supply Kayako help-desk.

Issue is that I had purchase life-time free upgrade.

Allow me to shorten the background of hours of mails and contacts to this fact: it was all lie. Kayako found a way away from keeping their promise. I see it as being a Kayako fraud, nothing less.

I didn’t acquire the free upgrade.

This surely show that an organization starting with ethics as well as a great service get destroyed by making money. Clients are not worth anything anymore.

Greed replace ethics.

In order to help all others not end up in problem with Kayako I give this free advice derived from 4 decades as being a international business man:

Do never make any sort of business with Kayako. Save your selves the problem of purchase expensive, invest a good deal of staff time and company money at the danger of will have to leave Kayako anyway when you get so terribly treatment that you simply must.