If The South Beach Diet Will Transform Your Life

A diet that’s been become very popular in the last few years is the South Beach Diet, which was created by a cardiologist, Dr Arthur Agatston. The weight loss plan was originally developed for his patients who had cardiac issues in order to help them lose some weight. Something you should be aware of is that he never had one thought that this would become by far the most popular diets around the world on account of the success rate that this weight loss program offers. how to stop the flu

In relation to following the weight loss program you’re going to find that this program is super easy to follow compared to a number of the other diets available today. The program is divided up into three different levels, the first two stages are in fact rather short even though the third stage is going to be something which you follow in order to maintain your weight loss. One thing the individuals like, is not being forced to count calories, but only focus on eating three consecutive meals a day, and the menu has a lot of tasty meals. When you first start the diet you are going to discover that the first phase does not permit you to eat carbohydrates. This means no bread, pasta, rice or potatoes for the entire two weeks of this phase, and you’ll also see that any sugary type foods, for example ice cream, sodas, and candy, are also not allowed to be consumed at this time. Needless to say you will see that you are going to have an option with regards to eating foods for the first two weeks and you will be permitted to eat different sorts of meats, vegetables, eggs and cheeses.

Phase 2 of this diet is going to permit you to start eating carbohydrates again in a minimum fashion and you’re going to see that this phase will last for approximately six weeks or until you attain your target weight, whichever comes first. You are additionally going to be learning which carbs are actually good for you and bad for you and of course you’re going to be adding in the good carbs. While you are going to be able to add your carbs back into your diet you are going to find that foods which are high in fat will no longer be permitted. Reaching your weight loss goals and balancing out your diet is what stage two is all about with this program. To be able to maintain your weight loss and remain maintaining a healthy diet you are going to discover that the third stage of this program will help you achieve this.

You will be able to maintain your weight in phase three as you have permanently changed your eating patterns. Changing the way you think of food along with your eating habits will be something that is very important in relation to maintaining your weight loss. Your old eating habits will be just that, a thing of the past, since you will be feeling so good about yourself with the weight loss you have achieved already. This is just one of the primary reasons folks discover success with this diet program simply because they have changed the way they eat different types of foods. influenza

Dieters all over the world like the South Beach Diet, and it has a lot of accounts of success. When it comes to learning how to eat correctly you’re going to discover that this program will provide you with this information as well as helping you lose weight.